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Can how you define success stop you from feeling successful?

What we consider an achievement and how we define success affects us at every level.  It affects confidence, self-esteem and psychological well-being.  It affects motivation and how satisfied we feel with life.  It influences the choices we make and the pressure we put ourselves under. Our own definitions, therefore, mould who we become. For some, […]

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The story of Kyong Ho

I started Hapkido in January 1984 when I was 13. From about the age of 15, every time Grandmaster Chang would lecture to the class I would write it down. I have no idea what makes a teenager do that, but I’m incredibly grateful that I did and for the library of lectures I now […]

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The fear of making mistakes inhibits our potential

Sometimes a student has difficulty executing a skill they’ve been performing well for months. How come? Surely that’s a problem? There could be many reasons a technique stops working: lack of practice or bad posture, poor alignment or loss of connection to one’s opponent, bad timing or too much tension, loss of concentration or compromised […]

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Does being in ‘mushin’ conflict with productive thinking?

Being ‘in the zone’ or experiencing ‘flow’ are terms now used commonly in sport. They both refer to a mental state of being totally immersed, energised and focused in an activity. In Hapkido we refer to this state as ‘mushin’ (no-mind). I was discussing this concept with someone recently and recommended that he start to […]

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Out with the old, in with the new

Last weekend I was presented with my 5th degree black belt. Many of my students have asked how it feels – I’m not sure I totally know yet, but here are some initial thoughts… As with every new level one gets a new belt. My 4th degree belt had been worn for almost nine years. […]

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Does the environment have an impact on our learning?

Given that Chang’s Hapkido Academy (UK) moved premises earlier this year, this is an interesting question.   Two months after an unexpected loss of our venue, we are pleased to have a full timetable back in action and proudly hang our dobok (uniform) in three very different homes. Though the transition and timing has been stressful, […]

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Q. What’s the point of practising hyung (forms)?

Forms are a sequence of techniques, a pattern, practised repeatedly; they usually occur towards the start of a class.  At Chang’s Hapkido Academy, each new level requires the student to memorize a new form which is then practised under the watchful eye of the instructor.  As the student develops, so does the complexity of the form. Largely, forms are […]

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Feeling a connection

When a beginner learns a new technique they naturally rely on their five physical senses and try to understand the skill at an intellectual level. They commit to memory what they can see and take pride in being able to explain the steps clearly to a less experienced student. This can be incredibly helpful – but if […]

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Right now, stress melts away.

It’s unfortunate, but most of us spend a high percentage of our time suffering from stress. Anxious and frazzled, we become distracted, worried and as a consequence, unproductive. We slog away at a problem or task resenting it, wishing we were elsewhere or simply reminding ourselves how tired or uninterested we might be. There’s an old […]

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The Cockerel Fight

Happy New Year! I thought I’d start the year off with an old story I’ve heard Master Chang tell many times.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts… The Cockerel Fight One day, a noble man brought one of his cockerels to a professional trainer to train the cockerel to fight better. 10 days later […]

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