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Join Master Parlour on ‘A Question of Performance’ as she talks to interesting people about performance and how it relates to their views on topics like: success, talent, motivation and learning.

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Conversations with Black Belts, 23 May 2016
via The All Things Risk Podcast
Two black belts discuss the benefits of Hapkido outside the dojang. Listen here.


The All Things Risk Podcast, 24 January 2016
Episode One: Master Tammy Parlour
Ben Cattaneo interview’s Master Tammy Parlour in this first episode of the show. Master Parlour is a 5th Dan (and therefore Master) of the Korean martial art of hapkido and has been training under Grandmaster Chang Gedo for nearly 35 years. She set up Chang’s Hapkido Academy UK in the early 1990s and has been running the London school since the late 1990s. Master Parlour teaches a complete and traditional hapkido syllabus with a focus on joint locks, pressure points, kicks and punches, free-fighting and weapons. She also teaches ki meditation and has written a book on the subject. Chang’s Hapkido Academy, like its parent school in the US, has consistently received rave reviews for not only the quality of instruction, but also the supportive learning environment in class. Listen here.

The Wellcome Trust, London, 9th June 2012
Beyond the dojang: the relevance of martial arts in daily life.
by Tammy Parlour

Click the image to hear a short excerpt from this lecture.   The full audio (54mins) is available here.

London Ki Seminar, November 2007
Grandmaster Gedo Chang discusses martial arts philosphy.

Click the image to hear Master Chang discussing the manifestation of Ki (internal power). Listen here.



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