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Lynn Tran, Researcher

Ricardo Pacheco, IT Consultant

Ricardo Pacheco

I’ve been training at Chang’s Hapkido Academy in London for about 7 years now and I still look back at the time I decided to take a look at the club and think how glad I am I made that decision. I had been to other martial arts London schools and trained in other styles, but I had never experienced such a feeling of satisfaction after every class.

As well as being a very complete self defence system which caters for everyone’s interests, incorporating hand strikes and kicks, throws, joint locks, pressure points and free sparring, it more importantly complements the physical aspect with ki meditation and a teaching philosophy that emphasises self control, discipline and altruism. The result is a learning environment in which there are no egos, where students encourage one another, and which also provides a great social atmosphere. These positive aspects are made possible by the exceptionally high standard of teaching we receive from the Head Instructor Master Tammy Parlour and Grandmaster Gedo Chang, who are both very respected and admired by the students.

Paul Brooks, Journalist

Paul Brooks

I would highly recommend Chang’s Hapkido Academy to anyone who is looking to pursue a practical martial art that develops your mind and body whilst honouring tradition and good values.

‘I’ve studied hapkido at Chang’s Hapkido Academy London since October 2003. I’d always wanted to learn a martial art but taking that first step and walking into a class had always seemed a little daunting. As soon as I met the instructor, Master Tammy Parlour, and my fellow students, however, my fears were quickly forgotten.

‘Everyone at Chang’s Hapkido Academy London is incredibly helpful and supportive and students are there to learn and improve. There’s no macho posturing and egos are definitely left at the door.

‘And that’s quite reassuring as Hapkido is primarily a fighting art which includes a huge variety of punches, kicks, throws, joint locks, pressure point techniques and grappling throws and pins.

‘It also has a meditative element in ki exercise, which has all the health benefits of tai chi, meditation and yoga rolled into one.

‘Walking into that class remains one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and if a martial arts novice and one-time uncoordinated halfwit like myself can progress and learn a martial art to a competent level there, then anyone can.’

Sharon Lougher, Journalist

Sharon Lougher

My initial reasons for starting a martial art were to get fit and learn a few self-defence techniques, should anyone fancy mugging me. But at Chang’s Hapkido Academy I learned that Hapkido was so much more than that: aside from the broad range of physical skills, including punches, kicks, sparring, takedowns, ground grappling and more, I’ve learned that you can take on pretty much anything life throws at you if you are controlled, disciplined, loving and can free your mind of prejudices and fears. Suffice to say, the club has kept me hooked for five years. Many things that used to scare me now exhilarate me, and it has improved my life much more than any self-help book could have done. I couldn’t have arrived at this point without the excellent teaching (led by instructor Tammy Parlour) that really makes the club stand head and shoulders above the rest: it offers a safe, controlled, disciplined environment and I would fully recommend it to anyone.

Anna Glover, Health and Safety Specialist

Anna Glover

I have been training with Chang’s Hapkido Academy London for seven years, the longest I have stayed with anything in my life.

I had always wanted to have a go at a Martial Art, but with no previous experience, I was at a loss as to which one to choose. At the time, my work schedule wouldn’t allow me to make the same night each week. A friend recommended Chang’s Hapkido Academy to me and I have never looked back. I now train three times a week, as the school offers as many as three classes every week day.

It is a traditional school where etiquette is valued, but this only adds to the experience. Egos and shoes are left at the door and students support each other as opposed to trying to compete against each other. Each student proceeds at his or her own pace, but we are encouraged to push ourselves under the expert tuition of the London school’s head teacher, Saboumnim Tammy Parlour, a fifth degree black belt and master.

The classes are a wonderful mix of cultures, abilities, ages and gender. Every class is different, covering a huge syllabus that features punches, kicks, throws, joint locks, forms, pressure points and free sparring. Grandmaster Gedo Chang visits the school three to four times a year to grade students and teach master classes. It’s a unique experience to learn from a true Grandmaster.

I also attend the Ki Meditation class, and over the last five years I have seen my asthma improve through the use of the breathing techniques, my stress levels reduce and my work benefit through my increased concentration. My overall outlook on life is also generally improved.  I would recommend this school to anyone.

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