Body and mind.

Emphasis is placed on Ki and the philosophy of Hapkido as well as becoming physically skilled.

Hapkido, martial arts London

Martial arts – London

Welcome to Chang’s Hapkido Academy UK, a London martial arts school based in Southwark near Waterloo and Blackfrairs.  Chang’s Hapkido Academy has schools across America & England and teaches Wol Ge Kwan Hapkido under Grandmaster Gedo Chang. Wol Ge Kwan was formally registered with the Korea Hapkido Association in 1964. The UK branch was founded in 1993 by head instructor Master Tammy Parlour who currently teaches Hapkido full-time at our London martial arts school.

If you know little about martial arts, choosing the right one can be rather daunting.  We hope that the information provided on Chang’s Hapkido Academy’s website will be useful.  Please don’t hesitate to drop in to one of our schools, or contact us directly for more information.

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