Hapkido black belts at London martial arts school

Being a black belt is about more than being physically proficient. A black belt is a role model, a leader within the school and someone who gives back to others. 

Our Hapkido Black Belts

The following people have achieved black belt status under Master Tammy Parlour.

Click individual tabs to reveal each black belt dan level.

1st Dan2nd Dan3rd Dan
Justin Presser
Ricardo Pacheco
Sirvan Can
Richard Cox
Chris Hardy
Duncan Horn
Paul Brooks
Ben Smith
Chris Lee Tan
Vladimir Tinine
Paul Murray
Eile Gibson
Michaela Lutz
Douglas Paul
Anna Forberg
Lukasz Wisniowski
Tim Barlow
Kevin Fox
Dmitry Lekhin
Tanith Bunce
Ian Carrier
James Murray
Supriya Saraf
Ian Staff
Nick Gommans
Neil Perera
Tim Allard
Peter McQuillan
Mark Pearson
Aurimas Ramanauskas
Craig Ford
Jeremy Robinson
James Gomez
Nina Feng Fan
Chur Poon
Anna Glover
Ben Cattaneo
Sharon Lougher
Michael Watson

At our martial art school we follow traditional Korean practice. Black belts are referred to as Mr. or Ms. and their last name. More senior black belts also hold the following rank:

  • 2nd dan = Assistant Instructor = Jo-saboumnim
  • 3rd dan = Deputy Instructor = Boo-saboumnim
  • 4th dan = Internationally recognised instructor level = Saboumnim (pronounced sob – bum – nim). Saboumnim means ‘teacher’. To differentiate between one instructor and another, use the last name, for example: Jones Saboumnim.
  • 5th dan (and above) = Master = Kwanjangnim (pronounced kwan – jahng – nim). Has authority to grade students independently.