Martial Arts – London

Our London locations

Based at two venues in Southwark, SE1 (near Waterloo Station), all London martial arts classes are taught by our head instructor ensuring students receive quality and consistent instruction no matter which location or time you attend.

Fitness4Less – Southwark 

23-29 Great Suffolk Street
London, SE1 0UE
TUBE: Southwark, Blackfriars, Waterloo

John Marshall Hall – Blackfriars Rd
(attached to Christ Church)
27 Blackfriars Rd,
London, SE1 8NY
TUBE: Blackfriars, Waterloo, Southwark

Click here for map and directions. to our London martial arts classes.

London martial arts class timetable

Please note that Ki Meditation and Hapkido sessions are separate classes.

Costs/Fee Structure

To display our fee structure please click on the link directly below, or download a 2-page pdf.

Fee structure - click here

Registration – £75

  • Registration with Wol Ge Kwan Hapkido Assn.
  • Free Student Uniform
  • One Year’s Student Insurance
  • Access to members only section of website (new student pack, downloads, Hapkido Times subscription, social events, etc.)

Monthly Dues – all payments in advance only
Dues are paid monthly, however this equates to between £3 and £7 per class depending on the option chosen.  The more you come, the less it costs.

  • One class per week £50 / month
  • Up to Two classes per week £ 70 / month
  • Up to Three Classes per week £ 85 / month
  • Up to Five Classes per week £ 95 / month
  • Unlimited classes per week £120 / month

Miscellaneous Charges

  • Grading  – variable (from £40)
  • Seminar (optional) – variable (from £40)
  • New Uniform – £40
  • New Uniform (Trousers only) – £25
  • Annual Insurance Renewal – £10
  • Wol Ge Kwan Assn. Renewal (every 3 years) – £10

Please Note
Classes are scheduled regularly throughout the year; students choose the most appropriate payment/attendance plan to suit their circumstances, and pay by standing order. All fees are non-refundable. Please note that the Academy will be closed on bank holidays and for approximately 20 working days each year.

There may be times when you do not attend classes. In this instance, as with a gym membership, your payment plan would remain fixed. If you wish to stop attending classes altogether however, you are under no contract, and may cancel your standing order and membership at any point – out of courtesy though, please just let me know.

Occasionally a student will anticipate an extended absence from training (more than 2 months e.g. pregnancy, work abroad, long-term injury/illness), but still want to remain part of the school. In this instance they have the option to make a maintenance payment of £30 per month to continue their membership. A student who chooses to terminate his/her membership will need to re-register to resume training. Absence for more than 2 years requires re-testing from white belt level.

How to join our London martial arts school

London Hapkido studentsIf you’d like to know more before making the commitment, come and see us, give us a call, or send us an email. You can also find out more by going to our approach, or reading some testimonials.

Most people like to watch a class before signing up, and you would be welcome at any of our advertised sessions. If you’d like to have a chat with the instructor before a class then it’s useful to arrive 15mins before the start.

If we have given you sufficient information you are welcome to enrol on your first visit. We accept cash or cheque (sorry no credit/debit cards), and you will need to complete a short enrolment, insurance and standing order form. Please bring suitable clothes (sweat pants, t-shirt) for your first class – we’ll figure out your uniform size and bring that along for your next lesson.


Our London school is predominantly an adult environment, but children over 14 years old are welcome to join.

Testing and special events

Hapkido Master testing martial arts London studentsWe test students for new belts/ranks three times per year. Grandmaster Chang continues to support the London school by travelling to the UK to conduct tests with Master Tammy Parlour.  In addition to this, we run an annual intensive weekend, special seminars and master classes throughout the year.

Joining the school is also a great way to meet people; and we have social events throughout the year.

A Student’s Perspective of our martial arts class in London

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