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Master Parlour throwing a Hapkido studentI started training under first generation Hapkido Grandmaster Gedo Chang when I was 13 and have remained a student of his for almost 40 years.  I set up Chang’s Hapkido Academy UK in the early 90s and run our London school.

Aside from the enjoyment I get from being physically active, one thing that draws me to Hapkido is the constant learning it provides.  It challenges me physically, but has also pushed me to grow and develop in every aspect of my life.  As an instructor I aim to create an environment which supports my students’ growth and encourages them to express themselves more fully.

I have written a book on Ki Meditation, hold a Master’s degree in strength & conditioning and have pursued post-graduate study into Applied Sport Psychology. My background is as a learning & development professional, and I am currently CEO of a national sports charity which I co-founded following the London Olympics. I was awarded an MBE in the New Year 2019 Honours List for services to gender equality in sport. In my spare time I compete in Powerlifting as a masters athlete.

Find out about the leadership workshops I run, here. Read my blog here.  Listen to an excerpt from a lecture I did for the Wellcome Trust’s series on ‘Sport and the Mind’ here. And join me on an exploration into performance by subscribing to my podcast here.

Master Tammy Parlour MBE

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