In the press

Articles on Master Chang
Interview with Grandmaster Chang, TKD & Korean Martial Arts, April 1999
Hapkido Pressure Points, TKD & Korean Martial Arts, June 1996
Gedo Chang – Master of Ki Power, Fighters Magazine, September 1995
Master Gedo Chang – The Gentleman of Hapkido, Fighters Magazine, May 1995
Dzentelmen Hapkido, Komandos, 1995
Other media coverage
Episode One: Master Tammy Parlour, The All Things Risk Podcast, 24 Jan 2016
Sure beats a spin class
, Metro UK, May 2015
Martial arts and the mind, The Wellcome Trust, June 2012
Finding the Ki to happiness, Kindred Spirit Magazine, May/June 2009
From the Heart, for the heart, The Naperville Sun, February 2009
Hapkido (aka Lady Kungfu), Hong Kong Legends DVD – Special Feature, 2006
Martial heritage seminar, Martial Arts Illustrated, October 2006
Martial Arts Can Add Kick to your Workout, Daily Herald Health, December 2005
London Metro Article, November 2004
Defending Your Life, Dupage Press Publications, March 2004
Teaching Harmony One by One, Dupage Press Publications, May 2003
Interview with Hapkido Instructor Tammy Parlour, TKD & Korean Martial Arts, Oct 2002
Articles by Changs Hapkido Academy black belts
Developing power by overcoming fear, Combat Magazine, March 2008
The Key to Performing Expertly, TKD & Korean Martial Arts, December 2001
Awakening to Hapkido Philosophy, TKD & Korean Martial Arts, July 1999
Ship Up, or Shape Out, TKD & Korean Martial Arts, January 1997
Train for the Present, TKD & Korean Martial Arts, January 1997
Hapkido World, TKD & Korean Martial Arts, November 1996
Excellence is a Habit, TKD & Korean Martial Arts, September 1996


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