Workshop: The Mental Discipline of Leadership


My work with leaders is based on appreciation of the complexity, pressure and expectation that comes with being in a position of seniority. The most successful leaders have developed the capacity to think well, stay well and act effectively under pressure – my sessions focus on how leaders can achieve this kind of sustainable high performance for themselves and those around them.

As a Master in the Korean martial art of Hapkido with over 35 yrs experience, I bring an alternative perspective to mainstream western approaches to leadership development. I share learning “from the mat” about stress, scattered attention, self-doubt, distraction and time-scarcity. As Joint-CEO and co-founder of a national sports charity my sessions are underpinned by theory but grounded in the realities of working in a position of seniority. I work with leaders to define the habits that will help them thrive in their roles, as well as provide an accessible introduction to mindfulness meditation practice.

Exploring the nature of traditional martial arts, sport and their transferability to the workplace

Session content

All my sessions share a common aim – to get participants to challenge themselves to think differently about high performance. In doing this I will include elements like:

  • Understanding how stress works – its potential value, our personal responses to it and how to manage it effectively
  • Developing consistent habits of critical reflection to improve performance
  • Understanding what it really takes to think well under pressure
  • Exploring leadership identity and voice – helping participants to explore what they stand for and why

Sessions are a blend of presentation, debate and practical exercises – including meditation.


This would vary depending on the client’s needs, for example:

  • If delivering something within another leadership event this would usually consist of client consultation, session design and delivery (3 hrs prep and 1 hr delivery) – charged at ½ day
  • A 3-hour workshop including client consultation, session design and delivery (3 hours) – charged at 1 day
  • A 1-hour workshop including client consultation, session design and delivery (1 hour) – charged at 1/2 day