I read somewhere that 70% of people who show up at hospital have a stress related disorder. That’s huge – our stress level is something we should take notice of!

One could say that stress is our reaction to the outside world.

To have a reaction is natural, it’s human. But if our emotional reaction goes on for days it becomes a MOOD. If it continues for weeks/months, it becomes our TEMPERMENT. If it continues beyond this then we are moulding a PERSONALITY TRAIT. The longer it goes on then, the more ingrained it becomes and the more it will dictate our actions and reactions.

We turn stress on, but if we don’t turn it off then we are headed for disease.

Hapkido and Ki meditation both teach us to recalibrate, to manage our emotional reactions…it brings back choice; and I strongly believe it makes us healthier human beings.

From stress to personality trait.
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