I was on the tube on the way to class the other night, and sat right next to me was a business man. He had his briefcase open and was reading a report and scribbling changes and notes at the side.

We arrived at South Kensington station and as the door opened he started panicking, “What stop is this? Where are we? What is this?”. There was no room to answer his questions. What was strange, was that directly in front of us was a massive “South Kensington” sign. He continued panicking until the driver spoke over the PA and said we would be held momentarily at ‘South Kensington station to even out the gaps in the service.’

Stress/anxiety causes us to change. We lose ourselves, become separated from ourselves. The story of this business man gives us an example of someone literally not being able to see what was right in front of his face.

Through Ki and Hapkido training, through disciplined practice, we learn to reconnect with ourselves, to coordinate mind and body and see reality.

You may know a thousand techniques, but if you can’t see a sign post in front of you what’s the point?

In front of your eyes.
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