When I started teaching in Lincoln years ago, we would do ki class on a badminton court. Obviously the other courts would be being used, so at times there was a bit of noise, or a shuttle cock would fly onto the mat. Noise outside is never as bad as the noise in our heads, so it was never a problem.

In London, three of our Ki Meditation Classes are now held right next door to a boxing gym – the wall is so thin, which means you constantly hear people pounding the punch bags and swearing.

Before I began classes there, the Centre Manager mentioned that he was concerned that the Studio would be too loud for us. After he mentionned this I worried a little bit, so I brought up the issue with one of my ki students.

The Ki Student said, “Surely it can’t be any louder than the music we hear when we are in the other room”. I thought to myself, “What music!” The next day though, I heard the music for the first time.

You know, often they blame outside for the turbulence inside. Actually if inside is okay, then outside there could be a whirlwind and it doesn’t matter.


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Noise, noise, noise
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