I started Hapkido in January 1984 when I was 13. From about the age of 15, every time Grandmaster Chang would lecture to the class I would write it down. I have no idea what makes a teenager do that, but I’m incredibly grateful that I did and for the library of lectures I now possess – it means I am never too far away from my teacher.

Here’s an old story I’ve read a hundred times, but don’t think I’ve posted yet. The aim of this sort of story telling is to provoke the student to question how he/she sees the world, and awaken a new insight.

It’s the story of Kyong Ho – what do you think? [hr]

A master monk (Kyong Ho) was begging with his novice monk.

They were given a bag of rice which the novice monk was instructed to carry.  He complained to his Master, “Oh Master it is so heavy”.

At that time, a young woman walked past with a water jug on her head.  The Master ran over and kissed her.  She was so shocked that the jug fell off and smashed on the ground.  Within a matter of seconds her family had seen what had happen and started to come after the pair.

The Master and novice monk had no time to think, but ran as fast as they could in order to escape.  Finally they were out of the village and safe.  The master turned to his student, “how heavy is your bag?”… The novice monk replied… “What bag, I forgot I was carrying it!”[hr]

The story of Kyong Ho

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