I was browsing through some old notes and found this story. I heard Master Chang recount it about 20 years ago! I would love to hear what it means to you…

The Monk who can be cut into 10 Pieces
During the 1950’s the Chinese invaded Tibet. All the monks had to flea to the hills before the armies stormed the monasteries. The army went to one monastery, however, and discovered one monk still there meditating in front of the Buddha. The soldiers were scared of him so went back to their general to report what had happened. The General decided to see for himself what was happening. Upon arriving, the General said, “I can cut you up into ten pieces why do you sit there and do nothing?” The monk shouted, “because I am the man you can cut up into ten pieces”. The general realised he could not kill him spiritually and bowed to the monk with respect.

The monk who can be cut into 10 pieces.