The story of Kyong Ho

I started Hapkido in January 1984 when I was 13. From about the age of 15, every time Grandmaster Chang would lecture to the class I would write it down. I have no idea what makes a teenager do that,

Changing ourselves first.

Students often tell me that as they progress in Hapkido other parts of their lives also seems to move forward, to improve… like somehow things are linked… The following is an epitaph from an anonymous Anglican bishop who was buried

The monk who can be cut into 10 pieces.

I was browsing through some old notes and found this story. I heard Master Chang recount it about 20 years ago! I would love to hear what it means to you… The Monk who can be cut into 10 Pieces

The tea master.

I was looking through some old lectures of Master Chang yesterday and was reminded of the story of the Tea Master. Mistakenly bumped by him in a busy crowd, a samurai challenged an old man to a duel. This old

The story of Won Hyo.

There was a monk called Won Hyo, who lived around 600AD. The story of his enlightenment is still famous today and marked a watershed in Korean Buddhism. As was the way at that time, Won Hyo decided to travel to