Last time I discussed how personal growth within Hapkido training requires that we look within ourselves.   With that in mind, I’d like to comment on two important qualities that help us do just that.  Developing these qualities will not only help us to progress within Hapkido, but also allow us to grow in all aspects of our lives.

The first quality is the ability to hold our attention.  Holding attention is the foundation of cognitive function.  The quality of that attention is pivotal in determining our success.  Despite this, the most common emotional regulation we tend to use is avoidance – in other words, we distract ourselves.  Scattered or wondering minds and distracted thinking allows us to avoid the present. In contrast, learning to sit with something allows us to see it acted by our own minds.

Once we learn to hold our attention, the second quality needed is the ability to look at things in a non-judgemental way.  Those internal voices telling us, for example, that we’re silly, better than, not good enough or that we should be listened to, actually shut us down from what is happening in front of our eyes.  Learning to just sit with ourselves and be openly curious and compassionate is challenging.  But by practising these qualities we learn, grow and ultimately let go.

What I’m talking about is obviously mental training…and it’s harder than any physical training you’ll do.

How can we work on these qualities?  Well in Hapkido it starts with two things….

Breathing and disciplined practice – they are the anchor to the present.  When you bow you start to let go….you start to loosen the grip.


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Loosening the grip.
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