Hapkido technique at our London martial art school
Ricardo as a white belt

I’ve been training at Chang’s Hapkido Academy in London for about 7 years now and I still look back at the time I decided to take a look at the club and think how glad I am I made that decision. I had been to other martial arts London schools and trained in other styles, but I had never experienced such a feeling of satisfaction after every class.

As well as being a very complete self defence system which caters for everyone’s interests, incorporating hand strikes and kicks, throws, joint locks, pressure points and free sparring, it more importantly complements the physical aspect with ki meditation and a teaching philosophy that emphasises self control, discipline and altruism. The result is a learning environment in which there are no egos, where students encourage one another, and which also provides a great social atmosphere. These positive aspects are made possible by the exceptionally high standard of teaching we receive from the Head Instructor Master Tammy Parlour and Grandmaster Gedo Chang, who are both very respected and admired by the students.

Ricardo Pacheco, IT Consultant