Martial art technique
Paul Brooks getting pinned by Ben Cattaneo

I would highly recommend Chang’s Hapkido Academy to anyone who is looking to pursue a practical martial art that develops your mind and body whilst honouring tradition and good values.

‘I’ve studied hapkido at Chang’s Hapkido Academy London since October 2003. I’d always wanted to learn a martial art but taking that first step and walking into a class had always seemed a little daunting. As soon as I met the instructor, Master Tammy Parlour, and my fellow students, however, my fears were quickly forgotten.

‘Everyone at Chang’s Hapkido Academy London is incredibly helpful and supportive and students are there to learn and improve. There’s no macho posturing and egos are definitely left at the door.

‘And that’s quite reassuring as Hapkido is primarily a fighting art which includes a huge variety of punches, kicks, throws, joint locks, pressure point techniques and grappling throws and pins.

‘It also has a meditative element in ki exercise, which has all the health benefits of tai chi, meditation and yoga rolled into one.

‘Walking into that class remains one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and if a martial arts novice and one-time uncoordinated halfwit like myself can progress and learn a martial art to a competent level there, then anyone can.’

Paul Brooks, Journalist