Hapkido black belts at our London martial art school
Black belts Sirvan Smith and Sharon Lougher

My initial reasons for starting a martial art were to get fit and learn a few self-defence techniques, should anyone fancy mugging me. But at Chang’s Hapkido Academy I learned that Hapkido was so much more than that: aside from the broad range of physical skills, including punches, kicks, sparring, takedowns, ground grappling and more, I’ve learned that you can take on pretty much anything life throws at you if you are controlled, disciplined, loving and can free your mind of prejudices and fears. Suffice to say, the club has kept me hooked for five years. Many things that used to scare me now exhilarate me, and it has improved my life much more than any self-help book could have done. I couldn’t have arrived at this point without the excellent teaching (led by Master Tammy Parlour) that really makes the club stand head and shoulders above the rest: it offers a safe, controlled, disciplined environment and I would fully recommend it to anyone.

Sharon Lougher, Journalist