Philippa Harris, Solicitor

I cannot recommend this highly enough! I first joined Chang’s Hapkido Academy when I was 15 – it was a fantastic place to get fit, meet new people and increase my confidence levels. Sadly, I had to leave when I

Ben Cattaneo, Risk Manager and Consultant

I have been training at this school for over 7 years (having previously trained in different styles of martial arts) and can easily say that if you are looking for a complete and traditional martial arts experience in London, then

Anna Glover, Health and Safety Specialist

I have been training with Chang’s Hapkido Academy London for seven years, the longest I have stayed with anything in my life. I had always wanted to have a go at a Martial Art, but with no previous experience, I

Sharon Lougher, Journalist

My initial reasons for starting a martial art were to get fit and learn a few self-defence techniques, should anyone fancy mugging me. But at Chang’s Hapkido Academy I learned that Hapkido was so much more than that: aside from

Paul Brooks, Journalist

I would highly recommend Chang’s Hapkido Academy to anyone who is looking to pursue a practical martial art that develops your mind and body whilst honouring tradition and good values. ‘I’ve studied hapkido at Chang’s Hapkido Academy London since October